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Call for Proposals

Result Notifications are currently being sent out on a rolling basis.

SPLICE is excited to announce a call for proposals for its second annual SPLICE Festival, taking place at Bowling Green State University, Thursday-Saturday November 8-10, 2018.

SPLICE welcomes proposals from performers, composers, composer/performer teams, and composer-performers for performative works that feature human-driven live performance (on traditional or nontraditional instruments) and electronics (fixed or live), one-hour hands-on workshops, and fifteen-minute lectures.

SPLICE Festival will include five concerts, along with presentations and hands-on workshop sessions. Concerts will feature performances selected from submitted works and a curated concert by the SPLICE Ensemble. Presentations and workshops will serve Bowling Green State University students and festival attendees.

Proposal Suggestions

Proposals may include (and are not limited to):

  • Participant performances of works
  • A new piece composed for SPLICE Ensemble
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Lecture presentations

Concert Submission Guidelines

  • All works must include a live performance component
  • All works must include electronics, either fixed or live
  • Works less than 20 minutes are preferred
  • Performers listed on the application must be those who will perform at the Festival.

Guidelines for SPLICE Ensemble Proposals

  • Pieces do not need to have been composed at the time of the proposal
  • Proposals may be for arrangements or already composed pieces in addition to new works
  • Works less than 20 minutes are preferred
  • Any combination of instruments (trumpet, piano, percussion) is welcome, though preference will be given to works including all three performers
  • Preference will be given to works whose electronic component can be operated by the Ensemble (ie:  pieces do not require a fourth person running electronics)
  • All three members of the SPLICE Ensemble can perform electronics (instead of their instruments)
  • Include a written statement proposing the nature of the collaboration
  • Pieces should involve only one computer/interface
  • Percussion instruments are limited to:
    • Kick drum
    • Snare drum (can substitute Frame drum)
    • Tom toms (3)
    • Concert bass drum
    • High hat
    • Crash cymbal (2)
    • Ride cymbal
    • Roland Octapad SPD-30
    • Small rack of various hanging metal objects (triangles, etc.)*
    • Trap table of various small percussion objects (prayer bowls, wood blocks, coffee cans, toys, etc.)*

*)  The Ensemble is open to various small objects, but asks that these be determined in consultation with SPLICE.

    Presentation and Workshop Guidelines

    • All submitters are encouraged to submit additional proposals to present either a 15-minute lecture presentation or one-hour hands-on workshop.
    • Lecture presentations could focus on the technical and/or aesthetic features of the submitted work, including performance, creative practices, and/or technology.
    • One-hour hands-on workshops will take place in the BGSU College of Musical Arts’s 30-seat Macintosh computer lab. Sessions should engage participants in active learning activities focused on technology. Software available in the lab includes Max, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Supercollider, and Processing. Other shareware/freeware software may be installed for workshops provided ample notice is given. Limited locations other than the computer lab may be available for workshops. Please contact Elainie Lillios directly (lillios at bgsu dot edu) if you wish to submit a proposal that requires software other than that listed, or if you intend to propose a hands-on workshop that would take place in a location other than the computer lab.

    General Submission Guidelines

    • There is no application fee
    • Submissions must be received by May 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST
    • Individuals can be involved in no more than two submissions
    • The primary submitter of the work must attend the entire festival and remit a $20 registration fee
    • Submissions must include a list of tech requirements, including what the presenter is asking SPLICE to provide. SPLICE Festival will have a 5.1 surround sound system for most concerts. The SPLICE Ensemble concert will be stereo.
    • Only online submissions will be considered
    • Supporting materials must be provided as links to files; file uploads are not permitted. 
    • Please direct all questions to festival@splicemusic.org
    • Please visit the link at the top of the page to submit a proposal through a google form

    Required with Submission

    1. Contact information
    2. List of performers and instruments
    3. Links to stream or download a recording of the work; mockups are acceptable
    4. Links to view or download a score, if applicable
    5. List of equipment you will provide
    6. List of equipment you will need SPLICE Festival to provide
    7. Short Bios (150 word maximum) for all individuals involved
    8. Program Notes
    9. A two to four sentence proposal for a fifteen-minute presentation on the submitted work (optional)
    10. A four sentence proposal for a one-hour hands-on workshop (optional)
    11. An agreement to attend the entire event