Costs & Scholarships

2019 Program Fees

Participant with Concert Collaboration Participant
Early Registration (see deadlines) $650 $450
Late Registration (see deadlines) $750 $550

All payments are non-refundable


Participant performers who premiere a work by a participant composer receive a $200 program fee reduction. It is possible a few participant performers will receive an additional $100 program fee reduction.

All participants can be considered for program fee reductions ranging between $100 and $200 that are awarded to assist with stage management and technology for concerts.  Note that these positions will impact your ability to attend certain activities and workshops. To be considered for a program fee reduction to help with stage management or technology for concerts, provide your information in the application.

Two participants will be awarded $400 program fee reduction to assist with the improvisation ensembles each afternoon. These positions will impact your ability to attend certain activities and workshops.

Additional scholarship and work study funding may also be available on a case-by-case basis.

Information about scholarship opportunities

If you are awarded a scholarship it can impact your ability to attend certain activities.

Concert tech assistant: Help setup and manage technology for concerts

Stage management assistant: Help manage stage items during concerts

Primary sound tech assistant: Must arrive in Kalamazoo by Saturday, June 22nd at 11 AM. Help setup technology spaces and help with concerts during the week.

Registration desk: Help great individuals when they arrive in Kalamazoo, must be in Kalamazoo starting on Saturday, June 22nd at 11 am.

Ride organizer/driver: Help organize or provide rides for individuals coming from out of town. Must be in Kalamazoo on from Saturday, June 22nd through Sunday, June 30th. Must have a car to be a driver, not the organizer.

Doors: Assist with opening and closing doors. You must have swipe access to studio spaces at WMU, so this is restricted to WMU students.

Additional collaborative projects (for performers only): It is possible that a few performers could be partnered with multiple composers. You do not need to address anything about this in the scholarship qualification answer.


The room and board accommodations are very reasonably priced. The rooms are in a relatively old dormitory. There are rooms available with air conditioning.

Single-Occupancy Double-Occupancy
Room with no air conditioning $26.25/night or $183.75/week $21.75/night or $152.25/week
Room with air conditioning $55/night or $385/week $42.75/night or $299.25/week

You are not required to stay on campus and there are various hotels in the area.


The meals are cafeteria-style meals similar to what is found at most state universities.

Meals in the university cafeteria: $26.50/day (includes three meals)

Though it is not required, we recommend participants eat meals in the cafeteria; faculty eat nearly all their meals at the cafeteria, and the communal meal times is part of the community-building feature of SPLICE.