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Chamber 1 – Ensemble Dal Niente

Chamber 1 Program

Ensemble Dal Niente

Mark Buchner, contrabass
Emma Hospelhorn, flute
Jesse Langen, guitar
Ben Melsky, harp

Mario Davidovsky : Synchronisms No. 11 (2005)
contrabass and electronic sounds

Santiago Diez Fischer : Songs to Berenice (2018)
guitar and electronics

Kathryn Koopman : All the Light We Cannot See (2019)*
flute, guitar, double bass, and interactive electronics


Miles Jefferson Friday : Study for String Instrument #2: Concomitant Designs (2019)*
four performers, double bass, and live electronics

The Machine is Neither : Feral Synaptic Overload (2013/2019)
flute with gestural control

Elliott Lupp : Away from Face (2019)*
electric guitar, double bass, harp, and electronics

*world premiere

Ensemble Dal Niente performs new and experimental chamber music with dedication, virtuosity, and an exploratory spirit. Flexible and adaptable, Dal Niente’s roster of 23 musicians presents an uncommonly broad range of contemporary music, guiding listeners towards music that transforms existing ideas, subverts convention, and embraces 21st century audience culture. Audiences coming to Dal Niente shows can expect distinctive productions—from fully staged operas to multimedia spectacles to intimate solo performances—that are curated to pique curiosity and connect art, culture, and people.

Ensemble Dal Niente has performed concerts across Europe and the Americas, including  appearances at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC; The Foro Internacional de  Música  Nueva in Mexico City; MusicArte Festival in Panama City; The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Darmstadt Summer Courses, where it was the first-ever ensemble to win the Kranichstein prize for interpretation in 2012. The group has recordings available on the New World, New Amsterdam, New Focus, Navona, Parlour Tapes+, and Carrier labels; has held residencies at The University of Chicago, Harvard University, Stanford University, Brown University, Brandeis University, and Northwestern University, among others; and collaborated with a wide range of composers, from Enno Poppe to George Lewis to Erin Gee to Greg Saunier and Deerhoof

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