SPLICE Festival 2018 Schedule



Concert I: Friday, January 26, 11 AM | Dalton Recital Hall

  • Karma is a Cruel Mistress by Brad Decker – Brad Decker, double Bass
  • Medical Text p.57 by Nathan Haering – David Breen, voice
  • Irresistible Flux by Mara Helmuth – Esther Lamneck, tarogato
  • Cold Light by Chris Malloy – Chris Malloy, piano
  • Flow by Michael Pounds – Michael Pounds, sensors
  • Spirit of Sword, by Mengjie Qi – Margaret Lancasterflute
  • Pivot by Dan VanHassel – Kalindi Bellach, viola
  • 5 Temples by Jeffery Brewster (WMU Student Work) – Samuel Kelly, cello 

Talks I: Composition Focused
Friday, January 26, 2 pm | Richmond Center, room 2008

Brian Belet, Technical and aesthetic aspects of "Loose Canon"
Alex Christie, Disruption/Distortion of Gesture in EA Performance
Elainie Lillios, Collaboration and Composition – "After Long Drought"
Charles Mason, Issues of Hyper Connectivism and Isolation
Dan VanHassel, Simple Interfaces for Complex Electronics

Talks II: Technology Focused
Friday, January 26, 4 pm | Richmond Center, room 2008

Erik Spangler, Control Structures for Eurorack Modular System
Per Bloland, Technology and Aesthetics in New Piano Work
Omar Peracha, Working with iOS and Swift
Sam Pluta, Technology and Aesthetics in Sky Macklay's "60 Cycles"
Seth Thorn, Glove Controller Design and Mapping





Concert II: Friday, January 26, 8 PM | Dalton Recital Hall

  • "while the earth is still turning" by Brian Riordan – Sonya Belaya, piano
  • Devonian Geometry, by Erik Spangler – Megan Ihnen, mzzo-soprano, Gregory Oakes, clarinet, Adam Groh, percussion, Erik Splangler, electronics
  • After Long Drought by Elainie Lillios – Scott Deal, percussion
  • Gamma Chamber by Dennis Sullivan – Erin Rogers, saxophone, Dennis Sullivan, percussion/electronics
  • Wormhole by Erin Rogers – Erin Rogers, saxophone, Dennis Sullivan, percussion/electronics
  • Ljos by Brian Topp – Justin Massey, soprano saxophone
  • In Lights Starkly Different by Robin Julian Heifetz – Drew Whiting, saxophone
  • Alchemy by Carolyn Borcherding – Negar Afazel, violin  (WMU Student)

Concert III: Saturday, January 27, 11 AM | Dalton Recital Hall

  • Ötzi by Alexis Bacon – Wilson Poffenberger, tenor saxophone
  • Jack Walk by Michael Drews – Scott Deal, percussion
  • Shadow Play (Mobile 2016) by Fredrick Gifford – Shanna Gutierrez, bass fllute
  • Torrid Mix by Mike McFerron – Matthew McCright, piano
  • Mismatched Chopsticks by Park Jones Duo – Molly Jones, winds/electronics, Joo Won Park, electronics
  • Tiwaz by Edmar Soria –Esther Lamneck, taragato
  • Blitz by Ton Tran (WMU Student)




Concert IV: Saturday, 27, 3:30 PM | Dalton Recital Hall

  • Exercise in Self-Pity by Stacy BuschStacy Busch, voice
  • Nesting by Terri Hron – Terri Hron, recorder
  • Turning and Turning in the Widening Gyre by Charles Mason – Craig Hultgren, cello
  • Feedback Televisions by Sam Pluta – Sky Macklay and Sam Pluta, electronics
  • Verdacht by Seth Thorn – Seth Thorn, viola and glove
  • Turning Point by David Stone (WMU student) – Jesse C. Lemons, trumpet

Concert V: Saturday, 27,  8:00 PM | Dalton Recital Hall

SPLICE Ensemble

  • Loose Canon by Brian Belet – trumpet, piano, and percussion
  • Quiet Music for Ensemble (simple switches cause hits and misses) by Alex Christie – trumpet, piano, and percussion 
  • Phantom Museum by Mu-Xuan Lin – trumpet and piano
  • Ecliptic by Caroline Miller – piano and percussion
  • Colour Etude II by Omar Peracha – toy pianos
  • SPLaction/reactionICE: by Mark Phillips – trumpet, piano, and percussion
  • Tavern Song by Carter Rice – trumpet, piano, and percussion
  • ...to flame... by Brian Sears –  trumpet and multi-percussion